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Wiki & Guide for Magic Rush Heroes game! There are many questions on the game? Didn't know what a hero is better to upgrade? Our Magic rush wikia & guides will help you to make the right choice! This application - a real database!

For convenience all information is divided into sections:

This section provides a list of characters to choose from. After selecting the desired character you will see a brief overview and description of the hero. There is also a description of all abilities.

Full description of the characters and their roles and skills will determine what is best hero to upgrade in the future. After all, to create the best team or the top packs need only popular and best heroes.

Of course, to win you need Donate. But legendary heroes worth the money! In the description you can read where and how to get the desired character of the soulstone.
Each character have the information about an awakening.

Magic rush Heroes list: Dwarf, Gerber, Jacob, Jolie, Kaiser, Karas, Karna, Medea, Muse, Robin, Saizo, Sebastian, Seeley, Thanos, Uther, York, Yuan, Zoe, Ruby e.t.c.

Heroes pros & cons

Each character has its positive and negative quirks. Some heroes are best suited to combat the arena which is something for the tower defense, and someone best suited to the physical or mage packs. After reading all the secrets and tricks of heroes, already much easier it will be combined to best top team.
It is easy to see in what character the most stamina and who have the most energy regen.

Build your strategy wisely! Heroes are divided into tier list.


Always wanted to know what lies ahead? What features gives this or that orange equipment? In this section you can read about the upgrade equipment, craft, what resources are needed and what the active skill awaits you.


One of the important parts of the game. Runes pretty good raise Heroes PVP rating. In this section you can see the stats of the runes and the requirements for their craft.


Contains FAQ of awakenings!
In this section, you will find all kinds of awakenings. Just what the characters can have these awakenings.
In order to awaken the hero, you have to pass the mission of awakening. All missions are described in some detail.
For example: Bullet time awakening


This section describes the locations, as well as useful tips for them. More best tactics to pass adventures, battles, Farm Gold, as well as some of the tasks. A lot of information about the joining alliance and war guardian strategy.

If you are brave player, then try your luck in the lottery, or the fountain of desires. But first, be sure to read the advice not to lose all the gems in the shuffle.

This app did not contains cheat for magic rush heroes, gem hack, promo code, redeem code, vip keys, and any other cheats.

Play Magic Rush Heroes with our wiki and be powerful!


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